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ADHD Nutrition

The Stellar Health Approach

Whole mind and body health is found in a balanced, nutritionally sound eating pattern -- not in fad diets, body shaming, or calorie counting. 

Good nutrition isn't a rigid set of rules -- it's about making the choices that truly support your physical and mental well-being.

At Stellar Health Nutrition, you are empowered to discover the best path for your own unique health needs. 

Meet Your Dietitians

Penelope Taylor, MS, RDN, LD

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Penelope is a Registered Dietitian-Nutritionist based in Maryland, Washington, D.C, and Wilmington, NC. She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Alabama. A proud veteran of the United States Air Force, she gained her clinical hours at the Memphis Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center.


Passionate about countering the harmful messages about nutrition that are so prevalent in the media, Penelope founded this practice in order to bring to clients evidenced-based nutrition approaches that are in their best interest. She practices from a Health At Every Size  perspective. 

Penelope excels in helping clients find their own best nutrition path - a unique plan that will work for them, specifically. She has seen first-hand how transformative it is when clients are empowered to decide what works best for them.

Professional Memberships

Rebecca Lake, RDN, LD

Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian based in Maryland who completed her didactic program in dietetics at the University of Maryland and graduated with a degree in nutrition and food science. She conducted her supervised practice at Virginia Commonwealth University Health System, with a concentration in clinical nutrition. 


Something she enjoys most about her time spent with clients is translating the ever-evolving science of nutrition into everyday concepts that result in feasible, realistic changes for their health. Rebecca practices from an "all foods fit" and Health at Every Size  perspective.

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